Wednesday, June 9


I just spent almost thirty minutes trying to post this ad on craigslist. for some reason, it wouldn't let me.

craigslist > southeast AK > personals > m4m > strictly platonic


Moved to Juneau for work. Haven't really made any friends yet and am spending much too much time alone.

Looking for a friend to play tennis or croquet with (hard to do either of those things by yourself) … I'm a fun, 'normal' guy… looking for a friend like you.

Let me know?

Guess I'm just not supposed to have friends.


  1. Or at least maybe not find them on Craig's list. :)

  2. Don't worry, I'm coming to you in just under two months for the best four days of your life. :)

  3. i have never seen a craiglist ad without an ass shot. add that it could help.

  4. Sad. I've never had a good experience with cl, though. Hope you find some friends soon! Being along stinks!

  5. I'll play tennis with you. Hope you have one hell of a serve, though!