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Sunday, January 30

Corners 6.0

Saturday, January 8

2010: The Good Life

With a recent eviction behind me, I had a lot to look forward to in 2010.

It proved to be another banner year for travel -- in fact I was only 531 miles away from becoming an Alaska Airlines’ MVP. I visited both the Arctic Circle and the Southernmost point in the US at Key West--and seemingly everywhere in between. I rang in the New Year in Alaska’s capital of Juneau. Next stop on my Alaskan adventure was Nome-ward bound, where I walked onto the frozen Bering Strait and could just barely see Russia from my house (really!). I spent a week in Sitka (think The Proposal) and drove down the Alaska-Canadian Highway through Fairbanks, the Yukon Territory, British Columbia and throughout southeast Alaska before stopping to spend my summer in Juneau. (The drive down was much nicer than the unfortunate three-day ferry ride back to Anchorage where I saw many whales and even more toilet bowls).

I visited the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and met an Olympic athlete first hand. I had the opportunity to go to a gay wedding in Phoenix and visit the Grand Canyon and Sedona (where I had both my aura and chakras read). In September, I visited Seattle for the wedding of friends and drove through the Olympic Peninsula on the way toTwilight’s very-own Forks, WA.

In October I visited (and fell in love) with Minneapolis/St. Paul. The following month I travelled throughout the East Coast, visiting friends in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlantic City, Washington D.C., Monticello and Baltimore.

My final trip of the year to the Southeast (New Orleans, Atlanta and Miami) included a Cozumel-bound cruise with the Backstreet Boys.

My parents visited Juneau and caught a glimpse of the beauty of Alaska by mountain climbing and seeing black bears and bald eagles from just feet away. My forays into the wilderness were rather limited but I found time to mountain climb, sea kayak and glacier trek.

Along with the Olympics and the opening of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, 10 months worth of training culminated in me completing my first marathon in New York City. I also spent much of the summer playing racquetball, backgammon and bridge.

After accidentally subscribing to a PETA newsletter, I became vegan for 35 days (no small feet while living in rural Alaska) --ending it healthily with a KFC Double Down.

In an effort to become more cultured, I bought season theater tickets and a season pass to the Anchorage Opera. While in New York I saw the Pulitzer Prize-winning Next to Normal, Nathan Lane and Bebe Nuewirth in The Addams Family, Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth in Promises, Promises, my friend Preston Sadlier in Edward Albee's Me, Myself and I, American Idol Jordin Sparks in the Tony-winning In the Heights and the Greenday rock opera American Idiot.

In addition to the Backstreet Boys’ cruise, I saw Boyz II Men in concert at the Alaska State Fair and listened to music in New Orleans’ famed Preservation Hall. I’ve also spent time improving my own musical skills by purchasing and learning to play the guitar.

Two promotions later, I moved into my new role supporting Wells Fargo Alaska Development Programs and Marketing. Thanks to a healthy tuition reimbursement, I also enrolled in graduate school and am currently pursuing my MBA.

I continued to build great friendships in Alaska -- though many of them are leaving for the lower 48. With more time on my hands, I became a Big Brother to a 12-year-old middle schooler. Me and Sarah Palin’s relationship hit an impasse when Todd himself escorted me off their property. Despite very few options (“the odds are good, but the good are odd”) I went on a couple of dates (date a porn star, check) and was four days shy of going the whole year without being kissed (thank you, Taylor!).

I also traded in the car that travelled the country on road-trips everywhere from Florida to Alaska, escorted celebrities and CEOs and put me through college as a pizza delivery boy. In its place, I am the new proud owner of a 2011 Toyota Rav4.

2009 proved to be the best year ever while 2010 introduced me to an even better life. Looking forward to 2011.

Monday, November 22

God is not a white man

Tuesday, September 7

Team Harlem United

"Man imposes his own limitations, don't set any" - Anthony Bailey

Up until this year, I'd never run farther than a couple of miles -- now that I've gone through a couple pair of shoes and trained everywhere from Nome to Phoenix I'm excited to take on my first marathon.

More than that, I am excited to be running the 2010 New York Marathon in support of such a worthy cause. The funds I help to raise will help to provide access to quality healthcare, HIV prevention, housing and care services to communities afflicted with HIV/AIDS.

To donate, click here. Thank you for your support!

Monday, July 26


While walking through the store, Kaylene clumsily causes a huge mess.


While contemplating a fast escape, a supermarket worker walks up to the scene. What does she decide to do? Take the blame like a responsible adult? No, she blames it on the guy down the aisle just out of earshot.


Saturday, June 26

On the fence

If any of you were sitting on the fence before, I just got another promotion and another raise... maybe its time to give me your heart completely. Together we'll go far.

Wednesday, June 9


I just spent almost thirty minutes trying to post this ad on craigslist. for some reason, it wouldn't let me.

craigslist > southeast AK > personals > m4m > strictly platonic


Moved to Juneau for work. Haven't really made any friends yet and am spending much too much time alone.

Looking for a friend to play tennis or croquet with (hard to do either of those things by yourself) … I'm a fun, 'normal' guy… looking for a friend like you.

Let me know?

Guess I'm just not supposed to have friends.

Tuesday, June 1

Tell me what there is to complain about

One of my neglected New Year's Resolutions was to make Youtube videos...

Monday, May 10

180 over 90

To the woman in front of me in the Safeway express lane:

You, or someone like you, is going to be the reason I die of a heart attack at age 36.

If you have 30 items and are paying by check, don't get in an express lane. Also: please don't block the only exit with your shopping cart so just when I thought I was finally done with you, you find a way to inconvenience me again.

Honestly, I don't know how you function in the real world.

Tuesday, May 4

New Years Resolution #4

It took me until May, but I found the hair style.

Now I have the rest of the summer to grow it out and make it my own.

(Thank you, Ryan Shattuck, for introducing me to 'Ugly Betty' and Mark St. James.)

Monday, April 26

27 hours, 14 minutes

The best part about going on a road-trip by myself? I can listen to Westlife all 1171.1 miles of the journey. Highlights to include:
  • Seeing Mt. McKinley, North America's highest peak
  • Visiting Fairbanks
  • Santa's Workshop at the North Pole (including the World's Largest Santa Claus--50' tall)
  • Driving through the Yukon Territory
  • A trip to Whitehorse, YT
  • Spending the night at a quaint bed and breakfast
  • An all day ferry through the Alaskan Peninsula to Juneau (watching Ugly Betty the whole way)

Sunday, April 25

All good things...

2 months without fast food and 5 weeks on a strict vegan diet all just came to a glorious end.

Tuesday, March 23

And this is why we should get rid of the popular vote.

Wednesday, March 17


My mission president and his wife finally accepted my friend request. This was the first status they saw. #fail

Wednesday, March 10

I figured it all out.

Who knew it was all just about being a gay Mormon?

Saturday, February 13

Corners 5.0

I would die a happy man with any of the four gentlemen pictured above.

Monday, January 18

So much for roses.

You forgot to take this one. Take it. I have nothing left.

Tuesday, January 12

Words of Wisdom

"To be honest, I think deep down we are all gay Mormons." - Kaylene

Sunday, January 10

My First Alaskan Road Trip

The setting: Driving back from Aleyska, Alaska
The song: "It's All Coming Back to Me" by Celine Dion
The story: I was happily singing along to my heart's content.
The comment: "Well, at least its in his key."
The result: I died a little bit inside.

Friday, January 8

The Numbers Look Good

I don't know what I'm happier about: my increased blog readership (left) or my portfolio gains (right).

Wednesday, January 6

I smile...

... because sometimes life is just so perfect.

Sunday, January 3

Reason Why I'm Gay: #136

The 35 second clip below of Westlife performing, "Leaving"
get me more excited than any girl ever has. No hyperbole.

Saturday, January 2

2010 Resolutions


At 24 years old, I started 2009 with my very first New Years’ kiss at the Church-sponsored YSA dance. With a boy. I fell in love for the second time in my life later in the year--and shared with him the most perfect moment of my life thus far. Like all good things though it ended much too soon. And other than five minutes on a sofa with my Elder’s Quorum President, most of my love life was lived through watching some of my best friends in the world marry people they are perfect for.

Thanks to Southwest Airlines and Kurt’s domestic partnership discount at Enterprise I was able to go to many places I’d never been before. Highlights included going to see a taping of Ellen with three of my best friends (we ended up on national television); going to Magic Mountain (and ending up in First Aid for most of the day); Disney World with my sister; Stonehenge (Washington); visiting church history sites in Nauvoo, Carthage, Kirtland and Palmyra; hiking Angel’s Landing at Zion National park; throwing up on airplanes, in hotel rooms and on interstates; visiting Cleveland, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City; camping in the Adirondack’s; bobsledding on the Olympic course at Lake Placid; standing under the falls at Niagara; my first time visiting Mexico (Tijuana!); and riding a tandem bike along the streets of San Francisco.

I had a lot of fun at home, too. Watching hours of TV on Thursday nights with some of my best friends in the world, getting food thrown at me, midnight movie showings (Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Twilight to name a few) climbing up through waterfalls, cruising town in limousines, mastering the art of catching spit gum in my mouth, Lost parties, almost auditioning for roles in low budget movies, avoiding scabies, clubbing, watching Weeds and Glee, traveling an hour just to see a $3 movie, watching friends try (and fail) eating contests and cementing my title as the King of Catan.

Despite having to part with my croquet set after an unfortunate incident at the airport, my friends came through with another set and along with that, I filled my obsession with games with a healthy dose of running charades, Aggravation, Battleship, ‘Cupackes of Catan’ and Skipbo. (Proudest moment: despite her best efforts, I succeeded in winning every game I played against Kaylene).

2009 was spent much like my 1999 music-wise, with new hits from Christina Aguilera, Britney and the Backstreet Boys blasting my iPod. I had numerous celebrity sightings including viewing Britney Spears from 32-rows back and meeting up-and-coming star Gary Go at a Mika concert. Also, me and Zac Efron share a special connection having used the same phone as he did in HSM3. I danced with Ellen (sort of) and rocked with No Doubt in concert. In tribute to my favorite show, I dressed up as Kenneth the Page (from 30 Rock) for Halloween. I became friends with the undeclared winner of a drag show and gained a whole new appreciation for all things So You Think You Can Dance.

I graduated into high fashion this year. I’ve gotten at least a hundred compliments on my glasses (no exaggeration) and at one point had to prostitute myself out to a homeless person to have them returned. I grew out my hair long enough to fro it and was told upon moving to Alaska that I should consider becoming a model.

In other noteworthy news I succumbed to the pressure and joined Twitter (and Tumblr and Google Wave). My blog hit 20,000 views and a piece I wrote was republished on a popular religious site enabling me to cross off one more item on my lengthy bucket list.

At the end of year, I gave up both my jobs and moved from Seattle (one of the hardest things I have ever done) to Alaska leaving things in the trusty hands of 'the new Mark'. In Alaska I have since been evicted, taken my first dance lessons, remain undefeated at ‘Grabwhich’ and ‘Taboo’, made pornaments and had my battery die twice before installing an engine block heater I plug in every night. I ended the year in a hotel room in Juneau, by myself, watching Julie & Julia.

But I’m happy, grateful and looking back with fond memories of another wonderful year. May 2010 be even better!

Friday, January 1

Corners 4.0 (Celebrity Edition)

Tuesday, December 29

5 Minutes After Sign In

This is why I'm never on Facebook chat.
(Names have been blurred to protect the innocent.)

Friday, December 25

So this is Christmas?

Everything in Juneau is closed on Christmas. Everything. The restaurants. The grocery store. Even McDonald's. After searching, I was able to find the one convenience store in town that is open. A small Christmas miracle.

Not exactly the traditional Christmas brunch, but it was something. I was a little bit worried I might be stuck with the hotel vending machine so this picture could have been the package of Doritos, a bag of M&Ms and a Diet Coke.

Because I got evicted just before Christmas and am now in Juneau for three weeks for work, only one card/present came for me in time (thank you, Derek). 15 seconds later, the fun of opening presents was over, and I was back to free hotel cable.

I thought Christmas might be a little lonely in Juneau, but I was able to spend it with some of my favorite people and closest friends: Christina Aguilera, David Archuleta, Mariah Carey and the boys from *N Sync.

Sunday, December 20

Je veux ton amour

You and me could write a bad romance.

Tuesday, December 15

Why you don't meet people on Craigslist: Reason #131

Christmas is cancelled.

Saturday, December 12


Apparently the irony of a young man sitting at a table all by himself at the ward Christmas party held at the Church building was lost on everyone.

Saturday, November 28

This Saved Me...

"Whatever it was we shared these relationships are the foundation of many of the most precious and rewarding moments of my life."
- Joseph B. Wirthlin

Tuesday, November 24

Things I Love About Alaska

  • My first Sunday here, not one, but TWO people bore their testimony about escaping from a bear
  • It's already been - 10°
  • Even though its gambling, I played Bingo with the Relief Society President
  • More than one boy has already taken me out to dinner
  • Lots of people here love Skipbo
  • It was a rough start, but there have been at least 3 conversations (not just compliments, whole conversations!) about how cool my glasses are
  • Most people in the ward refer to me as "the trendy Mark"
  • I got a pair of Hugo Boss dress shoes that are bitchin'
  • One girl refers to me as "Hot Mark"
  • You have to plug in your car here at night, or it won't start in the morning
  • I've heard three of the most homophobic things ever here -- it feels like I'm in Utah
  • I've had the time to finish Weeds and The Chronicles of Narnia since I've been here
  • I appreciate people back home a lot more
  • Work is easy
  • I think most people here genuinely think I'm a cool, lovable guy
  • I don't have to work 70 hours a week
  • My CraigsList roommate hasn't killed me yet
  • I get paid for lunch
  • I haven't cried since my first couple of days here
  • I have stuff to do every night I choose to

Monday, November 2

Please pray for me.

Saturday, September 5

The Guardian Angel by Stephen Dunn

Afloat between lives and stale truths,
he realizes
he's never truly protected one soul,

they all die anyway, and what good
is solace,
solace is cheap. The signs are clear:

the drooping wings, the shameless thinking
about utility
and self. It's time to stop.

The guardian angel lives for a month
with other angels,
sings the angelic songs, is reminded

that he doesn't have a human choice.
The angel of love
lies down with him, and loving

restores to him his pure heart.
Yet how hard it is
to descend into sadness once more.

When the poor are evicted, he stands
between them
and the bank, but the bank sees nothing

it its way. When the meek are ovepowered
he's there, the thin air
through which they fall. Without effect

he keeps getting in the way of insults.
He keeps wrapping
his wings around those in the cold.

Even his lamentations are unheard,
though now,
in for the long haul, trying to live

beyond despair, he believes, he needs
to believe
everthing he does takes root, hums

beneath the surfaces of the world.

Thursday, September 3

I can't decide...

Now that I'm 25, should I run for public office or just rent a car?

Saturday, August 29

Corners 3.0

Monday, August 3

Wish me luck...

I'm about to reopen the past. I haven't read most of the entries in my mission journal since I wrote them back in Baltimore. I fully expect to be blown away and changed forever. For so many reasons, I also think reading through them will be one of the hardest and most painful things I ever do.

Sunday, July 19

Corners 2.0

Tuesday, July 14

Sunday, July 12


"Is not to leave't undone but kept unknown." (III, iii, 197, 201-204)

I went to Othello tonight, it would have been great but for two things.

1. I went by myself, being alone at the theater sucks.

2. As the old man who was sitting next to me tried to walk past, I sat up on my upright seat to let him through. Just at the moment he was directly in front of me, I slipped off the seat, shot forward and effectively straddled him. I'm sure I made his night better, but I made mine so much awkwardly worse.

Tuesday, June 23

I never thought I'd be in love this

Feels like I'm in a race but I've already won first place.

I never thought I'd fall for you as hard as I did.

You got me thinking about our life, a house and kids.
Ever morning I look at you and smile,
'Cause boy, you came around and you knocked me down.

Say you gotta take the good, the bad, happy and the sad
But you bring a better future than I had in the past.

Sunday, May 31

You can't handle the truth (10 Statements)

  • The only material possession that would make me a happier person is a complete set of nice dishes
  • I am absolutely finished playing the role of 'back up' or 'stand in'
  • I think you are a coward
  • I'd give anything to be Elder Johnson again
  • The 'Gospel' has provided the majority of the motivation in my life to strive to be a better, loving person. The 'Church' provides none of it
  • If you never are going to hold up a sign for me that says: "To me, you are perfect" you aren't worth it. And you never will be
  • If I were to draw a Venn Diagram of "Qualities that Make a Good Person" and "Qualities that Make a Good Mormon," there would be very little overlap, if any
  • 'The Church is wrong' is not a valid excuse to leave
  • Without reservation or exclusivity I can confidently say that I care more about you than you do me
  • My heart is still recovering from the damage you caused but I'm almost ready to love again without fear or reservation. No thanks to you

Saturday, May 30

The best part of my day...

Today, an old Asian woman told me that I looked just like her favorite singer, Josh Groban. When she asked if I could sing as well as him, I humbly told her that I don't sing. She told me that my speaking voice was beautiful and she was sure I could sound just as good as him.
Lesson learned: old Asian women are more perceptive than both my family and friends.

Sunday, May 10


1 × 103 (Engineering Notation)
1 E+3 (Scientific E notation)
23 × 53 (Factorization)
M (Roman numeral)
1111101000 (Binary)
1750 (Octal)
6B4 (Duodecimal)
3E8 (Hexadecimal)

However you want to say it: 1,000 people have visited this blog!

Wednesday, May 6

Be on the lookout for ...

The latest (and greatest) superhero

... Skateboarder extraordinaire ...

... with the power to make gay men want to be straight
(just ask Kurt, Mark or Holland) ...

... the faith of an apostle ...

... the bust of a Brazilian supermodel ...

... the Disney Scene-It skills of Walt himself ...

... capable of love without end ...

... so cryptic she's often indiscernible ...

.... Absolutely incredible and altogether amazing ...

Tuesday, May 5

Public Enemy Number 1

(Story to follow.)

Monday, May 4

Why does the wind blow in Idaho?

Because Utah sucks.

Saturday, May 2

Friday, April 24

Another Excuse

Guess you aren't forgiven after all.

Sunday, April 19

One of my secrets...

(Insert popular 90s teen pop star on the ticket)

Saturday, April 18

Goodnight Moon

In the great green room
There was a telephone
And a red balloon
And a picture of--
A cow jumping over the moon

Someone, somewhere, someday: Please read this to me. It'll make my day.

Friday, April 17

Dear God

What a terrible, terrible joke. Thanks for nothing.