Monday, May 10

180 over 90

To the woman in front of me in the Safeway express lane:

You, or someone like you, is going to be the reason I die of a heart attack at age 36.

If you have 30 items and are paying by check, don't get in an express lane. Also: please don't block the only exit with your shopping cart so just when I thought I was finally done with you, you find a way to inconvenience me again.

Honestly, I don't know how you function in the real world.


  1. So frustrating. Next time, show her those gorgeous teeth of yours and she'll let you go ahead.

  2. Or people who go to the drive up window at the bank who 1) don't have their account number 2) or a withdrawal/deposit slip AND pen 3) OH, and they want to get a Cashier's check.

  3. Hey I just found your both of your blogs, thanks for posting. I would like to chat sometime.