Saturday, January 2


At 24 years old, I started 2009 with my very first New Years’ kiss at the Church-sponsored YSA dance. With a boy. I fell in love for the second time in my life later in the year--and shared with him the most perfect moment of my life thus far. Like all good things though it ended much too soon. And other than five minutes on a sofa with my Elder’s Quorum President, most of my love life was lived through watching some of my best friends in the world marry people they are perfect for.

Thanks to Southwest Airlines and Kurt’s domestic partnership discount at Enterprise I was able to go to many places I’d never been before. Highlights included going to see a taping of Ellen with three of my best friends (we ended up on national television); going to Magic Mountain (and ending up in First Aid for most of the day); Disney World with my sister; Stonehenge (Washington); visiting church history sites in Nauvoo, Carthage, Kirtland and Palmyra; hiking Angel’s Landing at Zion National park; throwing up on airplanes, in hotel rooms and on interstates; visiting Cleveland, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City; camping in the Adirondack’s; bobsledding on the Olympic course at Lake Placid; standing under the falls at Niagara; my first time visiting Mexico (Tijuana!); and riding a tandem bike along the streets of San Francisco.

I had a lot of fun at home, too. Watching hours of TV on Thursday nights with some of my best friends in the world, getting food thrown at me, midnight movie showings (Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Twilight to name a few) climbing up through waterfalls, cruising town in limousines, mastering the art of catching spit gum in my mouth, Lost parties, almost auditioning for roles in low budget movies, avoiding scabies, clubbing, watching Weeds and Glee, traveling an hour just to see a $3 movie, watching friends try (and fail) eating contests and cementing my title as the King of Catan.

Despite having to part with my croquet set after an unfortunate incident at the airport, my friends came through with another set and along with that, I filled my obsession with games with a healthy dose of running charades, Aggravation, Battleship, ‘Cupackes of Catan’ and Skipbo. (Proudest moment: despite her best efforts, I succeeded in winning every game I played against Kaylene).

2009 was spent much like my 1999 music-wise, with new hits from Christina Aguilera, Britney and the Backstreet Boys blasting my iPod. I had numerous celebrity sightings including viewing Britney Spears from 32-rows back and meeting up-and-coming star Gary Go at a Mika concert. Also, me and Zac Efron share a special connection having used the same phone as he did in HSM3. I danced with Ellen (sort of) and rocked with No Doubt in concert. In tribute to my favorite show, I dressed up as Kenneth the Page (from 30 Rock) for Halloween. I became friends with the undeclared winner of a drag show and gained a whole new appreciation for all things So You Think You Can Dance.

I graduated into high fashion this year. I’ve gotten at least a hundred compliments on my glasses (no exaggeration) and at one point had to prostitute myself out to a homeless person to have them returned. I grew out my hair long enough to fro it and was told upon moving to Alaska that I should consider becoming a model.

In other noteworthy news I succumbed to the pressure and joined Twitter (and Tumblr and Google Wave). My blog hit 20,000 views and a piece I wrote was republished on a popular religious site enabling me to cross off one more item on my lengthy bucket list.

At the end of year, I gave up both my jobs and moved from Seattle (one of the hardest things I have ever done) to Alaska leaving things in the trusty hands of 'the new Mark'. In Alaska I have since been evicted, taken my first dance lessons, remain undefeated at ‘Grabwhich’ and ‘Taboo’, made pornaments and had my battery die twice before installing an engine block heater I plug in every night. I ended the year in a hotel room in Juneau, by myself, watching Julie & Julia.

But I’m happy, grateful and looking back with fond memories of another wonderful year. May 2010 be even better!

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  1. ... other than five minutes on a sofa with my Elder’s Quorum President, most of my love life was lived ...

    Whoa! Rewind - did I miss something?