Friday, December 25

So this is Christmas?

Everything in Juneau is closed on Christmas. Everything. The restaurants. The grocery store. Even McDonald's. After searching, I was able to find the one convenience store in town that is open. A small Christmas miracle.

Not exactly the traditional Christmas brunch, but it was something. I was a little bit worried I might be stuck with the hotel vending machine so this picture could have been the package of Doritos, a bag of M&Ms and a Diet Coke.

Because I got evicted just before Christmas and am now in Juneau for three weeks for work, only one card/present came for me in time (thank you, Derek). 15 seconds later, the fun of opening presents was over, and I was back to free hotel cable.

I thought Christmas might be a little lonely in Juneau, but I was able to spend it with some of my favorite people and closest friends: Christina Aguilera, David Archuleta, Mariah Carey and the boys from *N Sync.