Tuesday, November 24

Things I Love About Alaska

  • My first Sunday here, not one, but TWO people bore their testimony about escaping from a bear
  • It's already been - 10°
  • Even though its gambling, I played Bingo with the Relief Society President
  • More than one boy has already taken me out to dinner
  • Lots of people here love Skipbo
  • It was a rough start, but there have been at least 3 conversations (not just compliments, whole conversations!) about how cool my glasses are
  • Most people in the ward refer to me as "the trendy Mark"
  • I got a pair of Hugo Boss dress shoes that are bitchin'
  • One girl refers to me as "Hot Mark"
  • You have to plug in your car here at night, or it won't start in the morning
  • I've heard three of the most homophobic things ever here -- it feels like I'm in Utah
  • I've had the time to finish Weeds and The Chronicles of Narnia since I've been here
  • I appreciate people back home a lot more
  • Work is easy
  • I think most people here genuinely think I'm a cool, lovable guy
  • I don't have to work 70 hours a week
  • My CraigsList roommate hasn't killed me yet
  • I get paid for lunch
  • I haven't cried since my first couple of days here
  • I have stuff to do every night I choose to


  1. you had time to finish the Chronicles? Which was your favorite.... oh. you mean the movie :(

  2. Boyd, if you see this... There is something messed up with your comments, you can't leave any on your blog.... Email me: markersjohnson@gmail.com If not, your blog is awesome, keep it up! I love reading it.

  3. Wait... what do Hugo Boss shoes have to do with Alaska?

  4. I like that you played Bingo with the Relief Society President too.