Thursday, September 3

I can't decide...

Now that I'm 25, should I run for public office or just rent a car?


  1. Run for office. You can do so much more with that than with a rental car. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day!

  2. I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT 25 ENTAILS RUNNING FOR PUBLIC OFFICE!!!! Thanks for the enlightenment. I'd vote for you, and I'd campaign for you. I would like to wish you the happiest of birthdays, because you deserve truly the best for being one of the best. You are utterly caring, amusing, passionate, interesting and genuine. I believe you have just lived a quarter of a century that you can truly call greater because of you. Much love Mark, have a happy happy day.

  3. Run for public office! I would vote for you (as long as I knew you wouldn't win).

    Happy Birthday Mark. Now you are just as old as when you first met me, but so much further along than I was. I was still closeted at 25. Imagine if you were still closeted and no one knew. Seems like ages ago, right?